Time to Step Aside

The work of Representative Christopher Smith over the last 25+ years has been equivocal at best.

While he has a positive track record of supporting veterans, he has regularly disenfranchised women and minorities with respect to health care. While he has enjoyed the benefit of a full professional life in the House of Representatives, he has failed to remain in touch with his constituents’ desires and the changing societal mores. While he has maintained his strong ties to Evangelical Christians, he has alienated his non-Christian, non-white, and progressive constituents. While he has enjoyed the security of a gerrymandered district, he has failed to notice that his influence here is waning.

We’ve asked to speak with Representative Smith directly via Town Halls, and he has refused. He treats us with disdain and avoids taking our requests for clarification and consideration. He has further failed to act in any way as a leader in the House of Representatives that reflects the nature and wishes of his constituents. He is losing his control over your seat.

It’s time for Rep. Smith to make it up to us or make way for someone who can work with us to make this district a better place.

Carol Ann Blank

This letter was also published in the Trentonian.

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