Congressman Smith’s record

Congressman Smith has been in Congress for 33 years. During his time, Smith has chosen to pinpoint his legislative focus on two niche issues: child protection and anti-choice legislation. No matter what side of the aisle you may fall on, protecting children from trafficking is an issue all of us should get behind. While I disagree with his anti-choice stance, his two issues have one thing in common: they fail to address the District’s real, everyday concerns.

Congressman Smith dedicates most of his legislative time, fundraising efforts, and political klout to push these issues. What Smith should be focused on is speaking out more adamantly about issues that affect all his constituents over his pet legislative projects.

He voted against the GOP tax proposal,but failed to speak up and encourage his colleagues to do the same. The tax bill caps the SALT tax deduction, harming those paying high property taxes.While other lawmakers publicly voice their concerns, the Congressman released a quiet, hidden memo on his website hours after the vote. Congressman Smith’s website touts all his work on his niche issues, but why hasn’t the Congressman done more to protect the district from policies that affect us all?

Kacie Rettig

This letter also appeared in the Trentonian.

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