Chris Smith Doesn’t Support Expanded Background Checks

After hearing about the alarmingly high number of school shootings this year, 74 in 2014 alone, I decided to write a letter to my Congressman, Chris Smith. Smith has refused to co-sponsor a federal bill, HR-1565, for Expanded Background Checks on firearms. This bill would help keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and I wanted to know why he hasn’t supported it publicly.

Smith’s office responded to my inquiry with an explanation which included that he supported the Brady Handgun Bill in 1993. Thank you Congressman for supporting common sense in 1993. Due to NRA influenced politicians, much of the Brady Bill has become irrelevant. So, Congressman, stating two decades old support of Brady in your response is also irrelevant.

What is relevant is that America leads developed nations in homicide by gun, suicide by gun, mass shootings, accidental death of children by gun, school shootings, and women shot by domestic abusers. Where is your current support for gun sense, Congressman?

NJ gun laws are strong, but our neighboring states have weak laws and criminals go to those states to acquire weapons. NJ is the #1 importer of illegal guns in the nation. These illegal guns ravage our cities, endanger our police, and are used to kill our civilians, as evidenced in the recent events including in Jersey City and West Orange this summer as well as the Short Hills Mall shooting last holiday season. Federal Law is important for NJ and should be important to you.

Congressman, your NJ constituents overwhelmingly support expanded background checks, why don’t you?

Francee Tendler

This letter also appeared in Blue Jersey.

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